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3 Ideas for a Fun and Fantastic Basement Makeover

If you have an unfinished or partially finished basement, or if your finished basement is just a bit blah, springtime is the perfect time to consider a fresh new basement makeover for this hidden away part of your home. As the world outside comes back to life and beautiful colors abound, take the hint from nature — start renewing your home, as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started. But always remember that your house is your home — it should always be the place you look forward to being. 

1. Fun Space for the Whole Family

Think of all your favorite indoor family activities. Do you have a place where it is quick and easy to get to the fun part? If not, your basement might be the ideal place to set up all the things you need for quality family time. 

Some families love games and puzzles. Others are more into arts and crafts. Either way, a couple of tables and comfy chairs are just the ticket for creating the perfect game room or arts and crafts center. Make sure that everyone in the family has a place. You also might want to add a few extra spots for friends to join in on the fun. 

While you are planning your basement makeover, make sure to carefully consider how much space you have available. If you tend to focus as a family on one thing at a time, just one table will be fine. But if you like to keep a puzzle going and still want space open for a "quick game of Monopoly," you might want two or more tables with enough chairs for everyone at each. Also, consider adding a hidden door. This secret space allows for partially finished puzzles, strewn about arts and crafts supplies, and in-progress games to be out of sight when you take a break.

2. Personal Movie Theater

A personal movie theater might be one of the very best uses of basement space available. Most basements have only a few (if any) windows. So it is already ideal for setting up the dark space you need for a perfect movie theater.

An easy theater setup just needs some comfortable furniture, a flat screen TV, and a surround sound system. Decorating can be a breeze as well. Use posters from favorite movies, original art from your favorite studios, or even old movie equipment like reels from projectors, the projectors themselves, or popcorn machines. 

If you want to go all out, invest in theater seating or recliners for the movie buffs in the family, an overstuffed couch for the loungers, and nice big bean bags for the kids. Then set up a state-of-the-art audio-video system, complete with a digital movie server and sound system that shakes the floor. Now you have a theater that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. 

3. Dedicated Spaces

Sometimes, we all just need a little space of our own. With a little innovation, you can use your so-so basement to create a home office, a place for your favorite hobby, or a reading room. Take a careful look at your basement. Is it large enough to divide up? If so, then the sky is the limit for creating cute, cozy spaces for one or more of the people in your home. 

Your basement makeover can be as simple as putting up a wall and adding a door into a separate space. Or you could have some real fun. Create a hidden room with a Murphy Door! Just like a Murphy Bed, Murphy Doors are made to look like standard home storage. No one will suspect there is a secret room behind unless they are already in the know! To put this idea into use, check out our door choices or contact us today.

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