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4 Alternatives to Storing Holiday Decor in the Attic

While decorating for the holidays is usually an exciting and joyful experience, figuring out what to do with your decorations when the season passes is another story. Of course, stuffing boxes filled with lights and garland in your attic may seem like an obvious solution. But doing so can often make decorating the following year more painful than it should be. Luckily, there are alternatives to storing holiday decor in your attic. Check out these tips from Murphy Door to store holiday decor like a pro.

1. Use "Wasted Space"

Whether your home is large or small, everyone has areas of "wasted space" that could be better utilized. What's one way to do so? Storing your holiday decorations, of course! 

Look around your living spaces for spots that could accommodate boxes and bins without taking away from the style or functionality of the space. These could include:

  • Underneath your guest room bed
  • On the side of your washing machine
  • Even hanging behind a closet door

Another often overlooked space is under stairways. Adding a door under your stairs makes it a convenient storage space. Also, with a hidden Bookcase Door, no one will even suspect it's there.

2. Bring Your Decor Outside

Let's face it; storing holiday decor can take up a lot of room. This can make them a pain to store in your home, particularly if it is on the small side. If this is the case for you, storing your holiday decor in your garage, carport, or storage shed is a good idea. Doing so can keep your seasonal pieces together in a convenient, easy-to-get-to location without overcrowding other areas of your home.

3. Hide Things in Plain Sight

If you don't have a storage shed or room in your garage to accommodate your Christmas lights or other holiday decorations, don't fret. Sometimes, hiding your seasonal decorations in plain sight is the best way to keep them safe, orderly, and visually appealing. It's as simple as choosing baskets, bins, or other storage containers that complement the everyday decor of your living space. No one will ever guess that the trunk at the foot of your bed is filled with ornaments and wrapping paper.

4. Utilize Empty Closet Space

If you're fortunate enough to have a spare closet in your home, don't waste it by filling it with clothing you never wear or items you never use. Instead, make the most of it by keeping your seasonal decorations safe and organized. 

Don't have an entire closet to designate for holiday decor? No problem! You may be surprised by how many decorations you can store on one shelf of a small closet. 

Tips to Store Your Holiday Decor Like a Pro

Where you store your holiday decorations isn't the only factor to consider when it's time to pack them away. How you store them is just as important. Here are some simple tips to ensure your seasonal decor stays in tip-top shape year after year:

  • Choose bins that are sturdy, waterproof, and built to keep out pests.
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes, especially if you plan to store items outdoors.
  • Label everything clearly to make finding what you need easy.
  • Store heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top.
  • Categorize by holiday; don't mix Halloween decorations with Easter pieces.

Hide Your Holiday Decor With Murphy Door

Murphy Door can help make storing holiday decor year after year simpler than ever. With one of our gorgeous hidden door solutions, you can effortlessly maximize your available storage space and keep your seasonal pieces in a convenient, easy-to-access location year-round. 

Best of all, you can keep your decorations out of sight while enhancing the style of any room in your home. Visit us online to browse our extensive selection of quality hidden doors, including our Flush Mount Bookcase DoorDresser DoorMirror Door, and more.

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