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4 Mudroom Organization Tips for Winter Days

As the cool days of autumn get shorter and colder, it can only mean one thing: winter is right around the corner. Don't stop at swapping out your seasonal decor and replacing your fall clothing with warmer options. It's also a good idea to prepare your home for the influx of winter hats, boots, coats, and other gear. Perhaps the most important space to prepare for the chill and messes that come with winter is the mudroom. Check out these four mudroom organization tips from Murphy Door to make the most of your mudroom this winter.

1. Clear Out the Space

The best mudrooms are the ones that make your everyday life easier. After all, what good is a mudroom if it isn't comfortable and functional? 

Your mudroom is likely the first thing you see after getting home and the last place you visit before leaving. So chances are that it can get cluttered and disorganized quickly. If this is the case for you, it's best to clear out your mudroom before introducing an array of bulky winter accessories. Finding new places to store the items you won't need again until spring ensures you have plenty of space to store your cold-weather essentials. Best of all, it helps keep your mudroom looking tidy.

2. Keep Your Floor Safe

Playing outdoors in the snow may be one of your favorite winter pastimes. But keeping your floors clean once you come inside is probably a different story. The term "mudroom" takes on an entirely new meaning as everything from snow and ice to leaves and mud will inevitably find their way onto your boots and into your home this winter. 

To protect your floors, it's a good idea to prepare for these outdoor messes. Start by keeping a shoe rack or tray next to the entryway door. Then be sure to place an indoor and outdoor mat on either side of the doorway; this will help absorb as much debris as possible.

3. Bring in Storage Solutions for Mudroom Organization

Going outside in the winter means wearing lots of pieces to stay warm. Of course, when you come home, those pieces have to go somewhere. If there's no designated spot to store items, such as your hats, scarves, and coats, they'll likely get put in places where they'll either get forgotten about or make your house look cluttered. 

Fortunately, preventing this from happening is as simple as adding more storage solutions to your mudroom. Here are some ideas that you're sure to find helpful this winter:

  • Place hooks on your mudroom wall to store everything from bags and jackets to hats and scarves.
  • Give everyone in your home their own basket or cubby (with a label, of course) to toss their smaller items, such as gloves, in when they walk through the door.
  • Add a stand by the door to store wet umbrellas without dragging them through your house.

4. Incorporate a Murphy Door

Your mudroom may be one of your home's most important spaces. But you probably don't want it to be the focal point. Luckily, you don't have to. With a hidden door solution from Murphy Door, you can keep your mudroom out of sight while enhancing its overall practicality and style. Choose from our large selection of customizable hidden doors, including our Flush Mount Bookcase DoorMirror Door, or Hamper Door. Then you can maximize your mudroom organization with more storage space, functionality, and visual appeal. Visit us online today to find the perfect hidden door solution to make the most of your mudroom or any other room in your home this winter. 


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