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5 Clever Storage Solutions for Master Bedrooms

August 12, 2021

Organizing with storage solutions for master bedrooms

The master bedroom is the single most “clutterable” room in the house. Clothing, accessories, toiletries, and personal items can easily become scattered over every available surface. Even if you're a tidy person and try to make a place for everything, bedrooms are often bereft of handy storage. There's a closet, but it only helps organize hanging clothes. So what about your shoes, folded clothing, and keepsakes? Often, there's just not enough storage in your bedroom, but that can be easily fixed.

Looking for a few clever ways to store items in your bedroom without creating visual clutter? We have five storage solutions for master bedrooms that you can easily try in your home.

1. Hanging Closet Shelves

The simplest place to start with storage solutions for master bedrooms is a hanging shelf. These ingenious cloth and board accordions unfold to hang from your closet bar and provide vertical shelving. Perfect for lightweight items like shoes and folded shirts, a hanging closet shelf stack can expand the storage of the closet itself. When you use one, you can fit shelving into your closet without worrying about finding a shelf that fits under the bar.

2. Cube Totes and Shelves

Cube storage makes use of cloth-covered cube totes that look both elegant and uniform in storage, making it one of the best storage solutions for master bedrooms. A cube storage shelf (or any properly sized shelf) is a wonderful way to make diverse and good-looking storage in your bedroom. Cube totes give you a way to sort your personal items without putting them on display or hiding them in drawers. The cubes can be pulled out and spread over your bed to organize or pack. They can also be very tidily put away out of sight and out of mind.

3. Rollaway Totes Under the Bed

Under-bed storage is a great way to create long-term storage in your bedroom for things like your winter sweaters and keepsakes. If your bed is lifted just a few inches off the bed, you can use thin, wide storage totes for all sorts of storage. These totes are designed and billed as under-bed totes, and they can add many cubic feet of storage to any room with a bed (or couch).

4. Window Seat Bench Chest

A bench chest is a great traditional way to add storage to a bedroom. The lid of a bench chest opens to reveal that the entire bench is hollow inside. Bench chests are often used to store valuables or spare bedding when used in a bedroom. 

A bench chest placed at the end of the bed becomes a dressing ottoman to sit on when putting on your socks. If you have a lovely bedroom window, use a bench chest to add a window seat and hidden storage at the same time. 

5. Add Storage to Your Doorway!

Our flush mount hidden doors add up to 20 cubic feet of storage to any doorway. The possibilities are endless, with Mirror Closet Doors, Dresser Doors, Hamper Doors, and more available.

Our Mirror Closet Door will make your room seem larger while providing closet storage on the inside. The full-length mirror makes pulling together winning looks easier. The adjustable and fixed shelves on the reverse side also provide plenty of storage options.

Don't have room for a full-sized dresser? Need additional storage? Replace your closet door with a flush mount Dresser Door. Three 8 1/4"-deep drawers provide space for folded clothes while fixed and adjustable shelves store purses and accessories. Easily holding up to 300 pounds, our patented hinge system delivers smooth, effortless operation.

If you are an avid shoe collector, a Shoe Rack Door might be the perfect fit. Adding five shoe rack shelves — especially to previously wasted door space — neatly organizes your shoes. It also makes finding the perfect pair to complement an outfit a breeze.

Here at The Murphy Door, we love to help homeowners find storage solutions for master bedrooms in creative ways. There are many different designs for door-mounted storage that swings smoothly on the hinges while providing low-profile furnishings and the fun of hidden doors. To discover more clever storage tricks that you can install with a Murphy door, contact us today!



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