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5 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Mudroom for Winter

Winter is beautiful, but it also comes with many challenges. Wet clothes and muddy boots are some of these challenges. More notably, they give rise to another common challenge: keeping the mud and snow out of your house. Your mudroom can help keep the rest of your house clean if equipped properly. Here is a brief guide to preparing your mudroom for winter.

1. Equip it with Doormats that Clean Footwear

Doormats are your first line of defense against the snow and mud on the boots of anyone coming in. But, this is no job for ordinary doormats. Their design should be optimized to wipe the snow and mud off of boots.

The exterior doormat should be heavy-duty and fitted with firm bristles. These bristles can get between the narrow boot treads to scrape off snow, mud, and other dirt particles. At the same time, the interior doormat should be super absorbent to prevent the water from spreading throughout your house and seeping onto the floor.

2. Add a Boot Rack

Leaving snow-covered winter boots lying around will spread mud and water everywhere. This is why it is important to install a boot rack designed specifically for winter boots as part of preparing your mudroom for winter.

Ideally, the rack should be optimized to keep the snow and water from dripping on the floor. It should also feature a design that makes the boots dry faster. Winter boot racks feature varying designs. Some store boots in a standing position, while others are designed to keep them hanging upside down. Ideally, you should pick a design that will accommodate everyone's boots and suit your preferences.

3. Install Storage Bins

Winter accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves, and socks collect moisture and are often damp or wet. They should be left in the mudroom to prevent making the house wet and damp too. Your mudroom will need storage bins to keep your accessories neatly stored.

Ideally, the storage bin should be aerated to let the wet accessories dry as fast as possible. Some of the modern storage bins are also heated to accelerate the drying process.

4. Hang Coat Hooks

Coats collect moisture from the snow and humidity outside and can make your whole house damp. It is advisable to install coat hooks near the entryway to accommodate everyone's coats. These hooks should be strong and sturdy because winter coats are heavy — and they get even heavier when they collect snow and moisture.

5. Keep It Clean and Organized

Mud and dirt will eventually find their way into the mudroom despite your best efforts, and they will spread inside the house if left unchecked. The trick is to wipe and clean the mudroom regularly, ideally as soon as someone spreads mud on the floor. It is also advisable to keep cleaning supplies such as a broom and mop on hand. Additionally, it would be prudent to go the extra mile and insist that the house's occupants clean up after themselves immediately after making a mess.

Speaking of keeping it neat and organized, you can also create more storage space by installing a hidden door. Our Bookcase Door, easily replacing your mudroom door, sleekly finish off your entryway and keep coats and muddy boots concealed from view.

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