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5 Home Theater Ideas

If you'd love to have a place in your home specifically designated for enjoying your favorite movies, you're not alone. Creating a home theater is the ultimate goal of many homeowners. Luckily, making this dream a reality is easier than you may realize. With these simple tips from Murphy Door, you can design a home theater. Keep reading to make watching films with your loved ones a frequent and fun pastime. 

1. Pick the Best Location

One of the most important factors to consider when designing a theater in your home is where to put it. In this case, your ordinary living room isn't going to cut it. When deciding where to put your movie room, think about all the elements that make film-watching so enjoyable at the actual theater. 

With this in mind, be sure to select a location that is away from distracting ambient noises, such as the washing machine and dryer. Also, avoid unpleasant smells, such as lingering food odors from the kitchen. Additionally, choose a space large enough to accommodate whatever screen you plan to use and seating for all your guests. 

2. Choose a Dark Color Scheme

You may love the light and airy aesthetic that can be found in many modern homes these days. But it's best to stick with a darker color scheme for your home theater. This is because home theaters only have one purpose: watching movies. It's much easier to enjoy your favorite flick when you aren't distracted by bright colors in the surrounding decor. Likewise, it's best to save the reflective home accessories that could take away from your viewing experience, such as mirrors, for another space. 

3. Minimize Light Sources

In every other room of your home, maximizing both natural and artificial lighting is important. It helps you create spaces that feel bright, open, and inviting. This is the exact opposite of what you should be striving for when you're creating a home theater. Because you want to enhance your view of the screen as much as possible, any unnecessary light sources have to go. 

To help achieve the dark and intimate setting that theaters are known for, be sure to choose window treatments that effectively block out any outdoor light that may slip in. It's also a good idea to choose overhead light fixtures that can be dimmed.

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4. Incorporate the Right Seating

The seating you bring into your home theater is particularly critical. After all, what's the point of having a movie room in your home if you can't see the screen from where you're sitting? With this in mind, it's wise to position the seats in your home theater strategically. Everyone should have a clear view of the screen. Position the seats for optimal viewing, no matter where they're sitting or how many people are watching it with them. As you’re creating a home theater, it's also important to choose comfortable seats. Ensure that your movie-watching experience is as fun and relaxing as if you'd gone out on the town to do it.

5. Tuck It Away

Whether you're looking forward to a convenient and surprising way to entertain guests or are interested in making new memories with your family, a movie room would make a wonderful addition to any home. One way to make it even cooler is to hide it from sight with a beautiful hidden door. With a hidden bookcase door or hidden French door from Murphy Door, no one will ever know that behind your handsome built-in bookcase or contemporary full-length mirror is a cozy home theater. Visit us online today to find the perfect complement to your movie room or any other space in your home.

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