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8 Tips to Help You Organize Your Summer Recreation Equipment

Summer offers the perfect opportunity to participate in outdoor activities, including sports, bike riding, camping, kayaking, and (for smaller children) playing with their toys. But all these activities can lead to an accumulation of summer recreation equipment and not much room for storage. Poor storage can cause your gear to get damaged or even lost, not to mention it makes it difficult to locate stuff when you need them again. Before your garage, basement, or entire home becomes cluttered with balls, bikes, and toys, take note of the following suggestions to organize your summer recreation equipment.

1. Purge Your Stash

As your collection of summer recreation equipment continues to grow, some of your gear is probably sitting unused. Seeing as space is at a premium, an important step before you start organizing is to minimize your equipment down to the essentials. Create an inventory of all your gear and identify duplicates, old stuff that you no longer use, and worn-out items. You can donate, sell, or share these items with a friend who might enjoy using them.

2. Sort Your Gear

Group your equipment into separate categories. Then determine exactly what kind of storage solution works best for each one of them.

3. Use Vertical Space

Vertical space is at a premium if you're working with small storage spaces. You can use your doors and walls for storing various types of equipment. For example, using the walls of your garage to store your equipment will clear up floor space for additional storage while allowing everything to be visible. Hooks, a pegboard, bungee cords, a bike rack, a string of rope, and mesh baskets are some of the things you'll need to move items from the floor to the wall. A combination of these will give you ample space to organize your summer recreation equipment. You can store balls, skateboards, bicycles, shoes, helmets, and other miscellaneous equipment up on the wall.

4. Use a Bunch of Bins

From plastic storage containers to mesh rolling bins, laundry baskets, totes, and barrels, bins are a great way to organize your summer recreation equipment and keep everything safe, clean, and dry. Organize the items by activity like running and biking or by item-type like electronics or clothing. Then place them in different colored or labeled bins. Equipment is easy to get out and put up, making it something even kids can do.

5. Use Ceiling Hooks

You can install storage hooks in your garage or basement ceiling and use them to hold larger items that take up a lot of floor or wall space, like bicycles, kayaks, and paddleboards. This storage solution is also ideal for hanging sleeping bags to keep them from getting dirty and dusty. Be sure to position them in a way that they keep equipment out of your way while offering enough headroom.

6. Organize Your Gear Into Pre-Packed Bags

Bags can be a great storage solution for small items or if you have few pieces of equipment. Plus, they can keep the items away from the elements and be stored in many ways, like stacking them or hanging them on a wall. You can sort the bags by activity like creating a camping bag.

7. Use Shelving Systems

Shelving units are quite versatile and allow you to organize and store as many items as possible. You can install shelves in your garage or basement or buy a freestanding unit.

8. Minimize Dead Space

Ultimately, you need to take advantage of your home's unused or empty spaces to store your items. If you're looking for a way to store and safeguard your precious equipment, then we have you covered. With a hidden door from Murphy Door, you can add 20 cubic feet of storage to your doorway while concealing items from plain sight for safekeeping. For more information about hidden storage with our Murphy doors, contact us today!

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