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A DIY Guide to Hidden Door Kits

Hidden doors and secret passageways are the stuff of movies and mansions. Fortunately, Murphy Door has made hidden doors accessible, affordable, and doable for a wide variety of spaces and homes all across the world. Building a hidden door is now easier than ever, thanks to a wide range of options available. Whether you are a DIY carpenter hoping to build your first secret door, or an experienced contractor building a custom safe room for clients, there are a few different options to choose from when constructing your hidden door. You can:

  • Purchase a hidden door hardware kit and provide the rest of the materials necessary to build a hidden door
  • Purchase an unassembled door kit which you can then assemble, finish, and install
  • Purchase an assembled door kit which you then simply need to install

Each choice has pros and cons, the biggest being cost and time. However, before we explore hidden door kits and what they are, let's answer a few basic questions first.

What is a Murphy Door?

A Murphy Door is a hidden door designed to blend into your room as a usable built-in bookshelf, rack, mirror, or gun cabinet. It acts as a piece of furniture and is also designed as a fully functional door between two rooms or spaces. Murphy Doors are high-quality, unique, practical, and designed to fit a wide variety of areas and designs. They are the best invisible doors on the market today.

Some of the most popular Murphy Door styles include:

  • Flush Mount Bookshelf Door
  • Mirror Door
  • Hidden Pool Cue Door
  • Gun Cabinet Door
  • Pantry Door
  • Hamper Door
  • Dresser Door
  • Shoe Rack Door
  • And More!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to hidden doors. They can mimic a wide variety of furniture, and they can be single doors, double doors, or French doors.

How Do You Make an Invisible Door?

Whether you order from Murphy Door or design your own, you must first locate a doorway or area you can connect via a hidden door. You also need to consider your hidden door's primary objective. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you adding it for extra security or more as a novelty?
  • Which two spaces are you going to connect?

If a door is already in place, you will need to remove it. Take great care getting exact measurements of your pre-existing door frame or the wall's rough opening where a door frame was removed or still needs to be placed. In order for the door to be genuinely "hidden," exact measurements are a must. Double-check all measurements.

Next, design your door. Choose your style, size, depth, and color. You will also need to decide the swing direction for your hidden door as well as the casing and finishing details around the doorway.

What is a Hidden Door Kit?

In order for your door to be "hidden," you will need a hinge system that does not show on the outside walls. Murphy Door has a patented pin hinge system that can be mounted on your door and not show on the outside. They are one of our bestselling items and an excellent choice for building your DIY door. Pins allow a single door to hold up to 300 pounds and function smoothly and efficiently.

Murphy Door's hidden door hardware kit includes:

  • A top and bottom hinge set with pins
  • Pin remover tool
  • Screws
  • Door catch and catch plate

Murphy Door's hidden door hardware kit does not include dimensions, designs, or construction aids to build your own door.

Are DIY Hidden Doors Difficult?

Woodworking, construction, building bookcases, and cabinetry are skilled professions. If you don't have experience with cabinetry and bookcases, it will be challenging to build and complete your hidden door successfully. If you are constructing a DIY hidden door, we highly recommend having woodworking and construction skills or hiring someone who does. You need to have the expertise in order to complete a successful project.

What are the Different Types of Hidden Door Kits?

There are a variety of hidden door kits for every skill level. For those who do not have woodworking skills or a lot of time to build and assemble a secret door, you can order a fully-assembled hidden door kit. It arrives already finished and ready to install into your space. The cost of each door starts at about $1,016.

You can also order an unassembled hidden door kit that arrives with all the pieces for a bookcase door. You do the assembly, finishing, and installation yourself. Or, you can order a hidden door hardware kit with the necessary hardware for installing a hidden door. You are responsible for your hidden door's design, materials, and construction.

You can also order any of the above kits and hire a contractor or carpenter to build and install your door if you aren't sure you have the skills necessary for a successful project.

Use Murphy Door for the Best Hidden Door Solutions

Murphy Door is America's top hidden door manufacturer, and the #1 recommended brand, thanks to satisfied homeowners and contractors. We have had years of design and construction experience to design a range of durable, high-quality hidden doors that will fit your space and style and function seamlessly for years to come. Our products are American-made, and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Shop Murphy Door Hidden Door Solutions today.

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