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How to Add Greenery and Natural Decor to Your Home

There's something about spending time in the great outdoors that can instantly make you feel more relaxed, peaceful, and rejuvenated. It's no wonder, then, why incorporating outdoor elements into modern home design is currently one of the most popular decorating trends. If you may love the calming aesthetic of natural decor but aren't sure how to make it your own, the trusted team at Murphy Door can help. Keep these five easy tips in mind to get started.

1. Incorporate Natural Materials

One of the simplest ways to give your interior living spaces a refreshing outdoor vibe is to replace pieces that you already have with ones made from natural materials. 

For instance, consider swapping out your brass nightstand for one made from reclaimed wood. This can instantly make your bedroom feel distinct and more natural. Likewise, woven baskets, bedding made from natural fibers, and fibrous area rugs can help. They create and elevate the rustic, authentic atmosphere that natural decor is known for.

2. Highlight Greenery

It doesn't get any more natural than decorating with potted plants. Along with contributing to the overall appearance of your living room, dining room, bedroom, or kitchen with their vibrant colors and lovely textures, houseplants can remove harmful toxins from the air and even reduce stress. With this in mind, don't hesitate to add a potted plant or two all over your house, including:

  • As a centerpiece in your dining room
  • On your fireplace mantle
  • Even hanging in the corner of your home office

You'll be sure to love the effortless style and comfort they bring.

3. Embrace the Scenes of Nature

Decorating with actual elements from the outdoors isn't the only way to capture the essence of what makes spending time in nature so appealing. Adding features that replicate the parts of nature that you love can also help your home feel more tranquil and inviting. Photographs or paintings of landscapes, water, and plant life are easy to find and can help bring the best of nature to any area of your home. Bring in a floral print on your throw pillows or wallpaper; you won't believe how fresh and striking your home will appear.

4. Bring in Some Water

Plants aren't the only feature worth recognizing in your home's natural decor. Water is an element worth celebrating in everything from a room's color scheme to the pattern adorned on your fabrics. Of course, incorporating a small water feature into a space would certainly take it to the next level in terms of its appearance and ambiance. After all, what bedroom, patio, or family room wouldn't benefit from the calming sound of trickling water in the background?

5. Remove the Clutter

If you are hoping to achieve a home decor style that embodies the best of nature, keeping the clutter in your living spaces to a minimum is a must. Open space plays a vital role in giving the rooms in your home a relaxing, welcoming vibe. Unfortunately, maintaining an orderly home is often easier said than done. It's made especially difficult if you have children or limited space in your house. Does organizing the belongings that are making your living spaces feel messy or crowded seem like an impossible task? If so, Murphy Door can help.

With one of our customizable hidden door solutions, you can easily keep everything from books and office supplies or clothing and linens orderly and out of sight. Visit us online today to check out our large selection of hidden doors, including our Flush Mount Bookcase DoorDresser DoorHamper Door, and more!

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