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Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

Minimalist home decor has been all the rage in 2022 — and for good reason. Along with making your living spaces feel modern and bright, swapping out the fuss and frills of other home decorations for the simplicity of modern minimalism is a great way to make even the smallest rooms of your house feel open and spacious. If you'd love to make the most of minimalist home decor in your house but don't know where to begin, Murphy Door is here to help. Check out these five easy tips to get started. 

1. Keep Clutter Under Control

The biggest obstacle to capturing the best minimalist home decor style is clutter. You simply can't embrace the fresh ambiance and contemporary aesthetic of minimalism with an assortment of junk taking up space on your tabletops, shelves, and floors. With this in mind, the first step to bringing your minimalist home decor dreams to life is to get rid of any items in your home that your family no longer needs, uses, or loves. You may be surprised by how much better your living spaces look by simply letting go of excess clutter.

2. Stick With a Limited Color Scheme

The colors that you choose to incorporate into your home will ultimately make or break its minimalist appearance. You may love the bold impact that bright color combinations and eye-catching patterns can have on a space. But neutrals and earth tones are more appropriate to bring to life minimalist rooms that look and feel inviting. Likewise, it's best to stick with two or three colors in one room rather than a variety. Too many will make the space feel busy rather than relaxing.

3. Leave Empty Space

Sometimes it's not which elements you decide to add to your minimalist-inspired space. Instead, it's what items you choose to leave out that can help achieve the particular look you have in mind. Empty space is equally as significant as the paint colors, furnishings, and accessories you use in your minimalist living spaces. 

Of course, empty space doesn't have to feel stark or cold if styled strategically. The trick to using empty space as a decoration in itself is to choose fewer furnishings and accessories for the room that make more of an impact. By doing so, there won't be a need to enhance it with knick-knacks and excess decor that could make your home look cluttered or messy.

4. Use Light Like a Pro

Contemporary minimalist homes aren't strangers to light. They feel big and open, partly because they make the most of both artificial and natural light sources. The good news is that this is a simple step that you, too, can accomplish in your own home. If a space feels dark, consider replacing your window treatments with ones that will let more sunshine spill through them. 

Likewise, incorporating an assortment of task, accent, and ambient lighting can make even the smallest, darkest areas of your home feel more modern and inviting.

5. Invest in Hidden Storage

Minimalist home decor is all about keeping things simple and understated. But most people aren't willing to let go of their belongings to achieve a more stylish home. Fortunately, you don't have to choose between holding onto your favorite things and decorating your home in minimalist-inspired design. Keeping your family's items contained and neatly stored out of sight is simple with the help of a hidden door from Murphy Door. 

We are proud to offer a large variety of customizable hidden door solutions that can bring in much-needed additional storage space without taking away from your home's style and warmth. Visit us online to find the perfect hidden door for any room in your home.

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