Transform Your Guest Room With a Full Range of Hidden Murphy Furniture!

Transform Your Guest Room With a Full Range of Hidden Murphy Furniture!

Designing a guest room that is stylish and multi-functional is always a good way to maximize its practicality and comfort, especially if it's small. While you may not have overnight guests often, it's certainly convenient to have a place for them to comfortably sleep — without wasting valuable space that could be used more consistently. Fortunately, putting together a spare bedroom that is as attractive and comfy as it is useful and versatile is simple with the help of Murphy Door. Check out these three Murphy furniture options that can help you make the most of your guest bedroom.

Tuck the Bed Away

Having a spare room to designate specifically for a guest bedroom is a luxury that many homeowners simply don't have. One of the biggest obstacles to creating a guest bedroom that can be used for other purposes when you're not hosting overnight visitors is how much space a bed takes up. 

If a bed takes up your spare room, it can be difficult to use the room for any other purposes, such as a home office or personal gym. The good news is that it's possible to provide a spacious, comfortable spot for your guests to sleep that can be tucked out of sight when you don't need it. With a hidden bed, you can design a spare bedroom that is as useful as it is attractive. 

Our Murphy furniture has an array of modern finishes, customizable sizing options, and optional built-in storage. You can achieve your ideal aesthetic without having to sacrifice comfort for your overnight guests. 

Style It With a Bookcase Door

Even if your spare bedroom is rarely used, it's important to make sure that it looks as good as the more frequently used living spaces in your home. There are many ways to enhance the overall visual appeal of your guest bedroom. But you can't beat the style and versatility of a flush mount bookcase door

Bookcases are a great option for storing practical items, such as books and potted plants. They can also hold decorative pieces, such as artwork and knick-knacks. Adding shelves to your home through versatile Murphy furniture can effortlessly help it feel more sophisticated. Simultaneously, it enhances the functionality of the room the shelves are in.

Save Space With a Dresser Door

Suppose you have limited space in your guest bedroom. If so, you may wonder how you can achieve a welcoming, contemporary aesthetic without overcrowding the space with too much furniture. A hidden dresser door is the perfect solution for any spare room where space is limited but could benefit from additional storage options. 

Our dresser door provides four functional drawers to hold your guests' belongings or an extra set of linens. It also includes adjustable shelves that you can decorate to your liking. As a result, you can create a comfortable and welcoming space for your guests. Best of all, our dresser door is fully customizable; you can find the ideal finish, size, and storage arrangement to meet your specific style and space needs. 

Enhance Your Guest Room With Murphy Furniture From Murphy Door

Your guest bedroom should be a space where you're proud to host overnight visitors. But it should also meet your family's needs when you're not entertaining. No matter what your size or style specifications may be, incorporating a hidden bed, built-in bookcase, or dresser door from Murphy Door can easily help you make the most of your spare room. 

Visit us online today. Check out our large selection of quality hidden bed and door solutions that are fully customizable and built to last. Your family and overnight guests will thank you!

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