MD Price Match

Found a better deal? We beg to differ.

Price Match Policy

Murphy Door believes you should have a great hidden door. There's no one better to provide it than the industry leader in hidden doorway solutions. With more hidden doors built and sold than any other company, Murphy Door offers an innovative design with patented hardware that holds up to 300 lbs. in each doorway.

Rather than helping you fix a door that didn't last or meet expectations (though we have, and are glad to help where we can), Murphy Door now offers competitive price matching. In hopes to save you both time, money and headache.

Simply send us your competing bid and we'll beat their price with our comparable door by 10%!

Murphy Door will beat prices on:

  • Comparable Wood types (ie paint grade, walnut, hickory, etc)
  • Comparable Door styles (ie dresser door, pool cue door, mirror door, etc.)
  • Door must be from hidden door company (not individual contractors)

We will also beat competing lead times by up to 7 days!

Questions? Give us a call at 888-458-5911 or email us at

Why choose a Murphy Door?

Original & Superior Design

Murphy Door has designed, built and shipped over 30,000 doors. More than any other hidden door company. As a result we've been able to continuously improve and adapt our original designs to keep customers satisfied.

We've innovated more storage solutions in our doors than anyone else. Our superior innovation has sprung more than one copy or attempt to replicate. Because of our passion for innovation, you not only get the best variety of door solutions, but you also get the best in functionality.

Hinge System 

  • Multiple Failure Points
  • Big/Bulky (Not hidden)
  • Puts weight/strain of door on sides and jamb (may require additional framing or custom support).
  • Ball bearing pivot won't fail
  • Weight distributed top and bottom for smooth operation
  • Simple, strong & easily hidden

A hidden door is only as good as its hinge. Murphy's patented hinge system is simple, elegant, and incredibly effective. Our ball bearing pivot hinge allows for simple install and smooth operation. Murphy Door's hinges are designed to hold up to 300 pounds in addition to the weight of the door.

Some hidden doors feature large, complicated hinge systems. While they may be able to support a lot of weight, the complicated hinge system also means more potential points for failure. It also means that the weight of your door is pulling from the side of the jamb, reducing integrity. It also means that you may have to have custom framing to hold the weight of the door.

Murphy Door's hinge distributes the weight from top to bottom. No custom framing needed. You can easily hold 300 pounds in any doorway and function with ease.


Our double refined MDF:

  • Does not warp or shrink like hardwood.
  • Does not crack or buckle like hardwood.
  • Does give you more stability.
  • Does give you wider range of usage.

We get asked all the time, "What are your doors made out of?" After all, material makes the door right? Murphy Door uses a high grade, double refined MDF with hardwood components.

Why don't we use hardwood?

Hardwood definitely has benefits of use, it’s visually beautiful, strong, and when used in the right application can last decades while aging wonderfully.However, wood has its weak points as well. Solid wood shrinks and warps when exposed to changes in heat and humidity. Cabinets and doors made from solid wood can crack, bend, or shrink over time if the conditions aren’t right.

MDF also allows you to safely put a Murphy Door in any room in your home without concern. From bedroom closets to kitchens and bathrooms, your Murphy Door will be able to stand varying heat and humidity environments.

Let Us Know

We love hearing feedback, positive or negative from our customers. If you are not happy with your product, please let us know. We need your help to improve. Love your hidden door? We'd love to know why! Feel free to reach out any time, our door is always open.

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