How to Hide a Door in a Room (In Plain Sight)

How to Hide a Door in a Room (In Plain Sight)

Whether you need a private sanctuary, want to keep your valuables secure, or simply crave a sense of wonder in your home, adding a hidden door opens up a world of possibilities. However, the secret of how to hide a door in a room is that secret doors aren’t hidden; they’re created to blend in.

Discover how Murphy Doors can disguise your secret doorway by appearing to be something else entirely. 

Murphy Doors are Hidden Doors for Any Space in Your Home

You may have heard of Murphy Beds. You know, the ones that fold into the wall to save you floor space. Did you ever notice how those beds often looked like regular furniture when folded up? The bed becomes a seamless cabinet or a built-in bookcase. Well, this concept didn’t stop at beds.

Murphy doors create a portal in your home that only you know about. Murphy doors perfectly hide a doorway because they are gorgeous and functional home furnishings, too. People will look right past your beautiful hutch and never even consider that it swings out into the room to reveal your secret man cave or safe room.

Expand on your hidden door ideas with the great options at Murphy Door. How about a bookcase door, a spice rack door, or a gun cabinet door? Murphy doors come in a wide variety of styles, each with many customizable options to fit the look of your room perfectly.

Hide an Entrance With Our Customizable Door Options

You can customize each Murphy door you order in various ways.

Choose Your Design

You can choose the build of your door. For example, you could get a door that looks like a mirror, a shoe rack, a dresser, or a built-in gun cabinet. 

Select the Type of Door You Need

Do you need a single door, french doors, bifold doors, or a custom door? We have Murphy Door models for every type. Some styles may lend themselves to certain designs more than others.

Pick a Size and Material

Murphy offers size options to accommodate almost any type of opening. Measure the doorway into which you intend to install your Murphy Door at least twice before ordering. A door that doesn’t fit will either be useless or stick out like a sore thumb.

Then, choose between a plywood core and a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) core. Both these materials create sturdy, high-quality doors that look great and hold up to wear and tear. 

Customize Other Functionality

Before you order your hidden door, consider how it needs to function, including which way it needs to swing. Ensure the room has enough space to accommodate the swing out, and take care to order the correct hinges.

Also, what kind of locking mechanism will your door need? Murphy offers both mechanical locking systems and electronic locking systems. 

Add the Finishing Touches

Select from an array of wood grains and finishes. This way, you can match your new door and the piece of furniture it appears as to the rest of the furniture or features that already exist in your home.

You can also customize the features of your doorway disguise, like the number of shelves on the bookcase or the types of handle hardware on the hutch. Even the door casing and molding come in multiple varieties.

These may seem like less important features, but they can often be the fine details that sell the illusion. A secret doorway that sticks out too far or doesn’t mesh with the rest of the room may get spotted by a keen-eyed visitor. 

Choose How to Install Your Murphy Door

Murphy Doors also gives you options for installing your secret door. Each Murphy Door comes with step-by-step instructions for installing your new door yourself. But if you’re not into DIY, you also opt for professional installation. 

Keep Your Secret Door Safe & Secure

A hidden door can provide many benefits to your family’s peace and security.

Go beyond the usual places people hide their valuables. Hidden doors hide secret rooms where you can store family heirlooms or important documents. Some homeowners opt to keep their guns behind their secret doors to add an extra layer of security to their firearms.

During a dangerous situation, like a home invasion, the hidden room could keep you and your family safe. Whether it’s a panic room or a secret sanctuary, the fact that its entrance can’t be seen easily helps keep it and everyone in it secure.

Unparalleled safety and security is an essential part of every Murphy door. That’s why we go a step further and offer electronic and mechanical locking mechanism options for each hidden door model.

While the locking mechanisms are secure, Murphy Doors are not bulletproof. Their best security feature is their secrecy. If your Murphy Door hides belongings you’d rather others not find, refrain from talking about it or showing it off to visitors. The more you keep the door a secret, the more the door keeps you safe.

Open Up a Murphy Door

Discover the security, possibility, and wonder lying in wait behind your new hidden door. Murphy has a secret door to fit your style and budget. Start your order online today, or contact Murphy Door with your questions.
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