4 Ways to Get More Satisfaction From a Tiny Laundry Room

April 16, 2020

small, cluttered laundry room that needs more storage space

Do you have a little one? Do your friends laugh when they see it? Or are you afraid to even make friends, knowing it is inevitable that they will find out? Is your significant other satisfied with it? Many people all over the country suffer from this affliction, so it's time to come out and be clean about it. A tiny laundry room is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you need more satisfaction, we can help. Here are four ideas for decluttering and adding storage to your laundry room. 

1. Organize With a Slim Household Cart

If you have space between or beside your washer and dryer (because your architect was a twit), then this Slim Household Cart is just the ticket to help you capture that unused space. It provides enough storage space to hold your detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. It can even hold your iron, odor-removing spray, and lint rollers for those days you don't have time to do "actual" laundry. We know that sometimes throwing a "once-worn" shirt in the dryer for a few minutes just isn't going to cut it.

2. Install an EZ Shelf

Up for a little more of a DIY solution? We know you are. This EZ Shelf system is sure to impress your friends and family. This shelf requires a minimum of 40" of clear wall space but has options that allow it to expand up to ten feet! Talk about overcompensating — but if you've got it, flaunt it. The EZ Shelf is made in the USA from actual steel and molded plastic components, and it comes with all the parts and hardware needed to provide years of worry-free service. 

It is expandable to custom fit your wall space with no cutting required. This is NOT some haphazard shelf supported with a flimsy tension rod. No, this shelf is designed to hold up to 200 pounds, even without securing into wall studs. And once you get your hands on it, you have 30 days to look it over and return it if you're not thoroughly impressed. 

3. Condense With a Washer/Dryer Combo

Maybe you really need to free up a bunch of space to store a bunch of bottles of some liquid adult-oriented beverage (or maybe a few months worth of canned goods to prepare for a potential apocalypse). Hopefully, you're not hoarding toilet paper — but if you are, then you know you need all the extra space you can get. Most modern laundry rooms have two machines in them: a washing machine and a dryer. But with this Washer/Dryer combination unit, you can free up half of that floor space by having only one machine. 

Not only will you immediately cut your machine-dedicated floor space requirement in half, but you will also be amazed at the convenience features. Imagine not having to add detergent or fabric softener for each load. Yes, this machine can hold enough of each for several loads. Do you hate waiting for your laundry to finish before hanging or folding it? With this unit, you can put your dirty laundry in before you leave home for work or school and start it whenever you want from your smartphone. No one will make fun of your small unit when it does all of that!

4. Get Extra Space With a Murphy Door

Another great way to make use of unused space is with a Murphy Door. Rumor has it that each doorway in your home can create up to 20 cubic feet of seldom-used space. Of course, you cannot stack your junk in the doorway. Trust us — it's a pain to have to move it every time you need to use the door. That's why we design our doors to fit your lifestyle and needs. Our doors are beautiful, easy to install, and strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds! Get with us today and let us help you get your stuff together.

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