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How to Measure Door Size: The Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to buy a new door? Doors are a crucial part of any structure as they help boost security, energy efficiency, and appearance. Getting one that provides the right value for the money requires both brain and brawn, especially when taking measurements. This guide on how to measure door size explains all the steps it takes to get your preferred door.

Understanding How Doors Work

Whether you're replacing an old door or installing a new one, you have the option to install a pre-hung door with hinges and all other accessories or a solid door slab. Both require different kinds of measurements because of their contrasting features.

Tools Required for Door Measurement

Measuring a door is an uncomplicated process that requires the most straightforward tools — but a lot of attention to small details. Items required to measure the standard bedroom door size include:

  • Tape measure
  • Book and pen
  • Stable surface (such as a chair or table for stepping on while measuring)

Step-by-Step Process of How to Measure a Murphy Door Size

There are two ways to determine the standard bedroom door size. Both ways give you as accurate a measurement as possible. They are:

1. Measure the Rough Opening

This is the most recommended method on how to measure a door size if you plan to install a new door. The process accounts for all angles, so you can be certain the door type installed will fit right into the opening. It follows the sequence below:

  • Measure the width of the rough opening in three places from top to bottom.
  • Write down the smallest figure among the three as your measurement.
  • Measure the height of the rough opening in two places: right in the middle to the floor and from the floor to the trim underside at the door.
  • Again, use the smallest measurement as your actual value.
  • Subtract two inches from both the height and width of the door to account for any floor covering.
  • If any of the figures you get are a decimal, round them up instead of down for an accurate result.

The resulting dimensions are the correct size for your Murphy Door.

2. Measure Your Current Door 

Although the correct method of how to measure door size is always to measure the door frame, existing door dimensions can also give you a tentative idea of the kind of door size to look for. This applies especially to those thinking of replacing already existing doors. The process is as follows:

  • Measure the door width: Place your tape measure from the top right to the top left corner of the door. Repeat this sequence in the middle and bottom sections too. If you get contrasting figures, then use the largest figure in your dimensions.
  • Measure the door height: Run your tape from the bottom corner to the top corner of the door and take note of the figure. Do this to different door areas to get the highest possible figure, as it is often the most accurate.
  • Measure Door Thickness: Run your measurement tape on the inner edge of the door. Don't forget to measure the jamb depth. This is the width of the wall from one side to the other. If the rough opening still has a jamb, measure the width of the jamb. Also, be sure to subtract the width of the trim on both sides.

Get Your Dream Door Today

This is how to measure door size of any type, Murphy or not. Make sure to note other essential features like the door swing. Is it swinging inwards or outwards? In-swing doors require wall clearance when fully opened, a small detail that is essential to getting the right door. Remember to always give some allowance to the figures you get.

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