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Murphy Shelf

Murphy Shelf

Murphy Shelf - Murphy Door
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Unveil the art of concealment with our Murphy Shelf, a stunning floating shelf that offers more than meets the eye. Designed for individuals who cherish creativity and preparedness, this shelf is the perfect sanctuary for your valuables, combining elegance with a touch of intrigue. Adorn your wall with this exquisite shelf and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are well-hidden yet accessible at a moment's notice. Upgrade to a smarter, more secure way of storing your valuables. Order your Murphy Shelf today and experience the perfect marriage of form and function!


Diverse Size Selection: Available in three sizes (20", 38", and 56"), our shelves are crafted to accommodate various space requirements and design preferences.

Custom Finishes: Personalize your space with 4 paint options and 4 stain choices, ensuring your Murphy Shelf fits into your home's aesthetic seamlessly.

Includes Adjustable Hardware

Locking System: Battery operated RFID and Bluetooth (w/ backup power cord)


Unfinished: 2-3 Weeks from April 15th

Finished: 3-4 Weeks from April 15th

Features & Benefits

Exquisite Wood Craftsmanship: Select from six types of high-quality woods including Paint Grade, Red Oak Veneer, Knotty Alder Veneer, Maple Veneer, White Oak Veneer, and Walnut Veneer, each offering a distinct look and feel to complement your interior.

Secret Compartment: Equipped with a lockable hidden compartment, it's the perfect solution to store your important documents, cash, or valuables.

RFID Locking System: At the forefront of security technology, the RFID locking system provides sophisticated and secure access to your hidden compartment.

The Murphy Shelf In Action

What sizes are available for the Murphy Shelf?

The Murphy Shelf comes in three sizes: 20-inch, 38-inch, and 56-inch options. These sizes cater to various space requirements and design preferences, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your home.

Can I customize the finish of my Murphy Shelf?

Yes, the Murphy Shelf offers customization with 4 paint options and 4 stain choices. This allows you to personalize your shelf to match your home's aesthetic seamlessly, whether you prefer a bold color or a natural wood finish.

Does the Murphy Shelf come with adjustable hardware?

Yes, , the Murphy Shelf includes adjustable hardware for easy installation and customization. You can adjust the shelf to your desired height and configuration to suit your needs.

How does the locking system work for the Murphy Shelf?

The Murphy Shelf features a secure locking system with a battery-operated RFID and Bluetooth system, including a backup power cord. This system ensures your valuables remain safe and easily accessible to you while maintaining security.

What are the shipping times for the Murphy Shelf?

:For unfinished shelves, shipping takes approximately 2-3 weeks. If you opt for a finished shelf with your chosen paint or stain, shipping will take approximately 3-4 weeks. Please plan accordingly for your installation timeline.