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7 Practical Tips to Create a Home Wine Cellar

If you appreciate a good glass of wine, a cool storage space makes pouring the vino a breeze! A well-designed wine cellar allows you to organize your bottles easily and keep things stylish. Whether you want to wine fridge under your kitchen counter or a custom walk-in, you'll need to arm yourself with a few tips.

How to Create a Home Wine Cellar

Below are a few things to consider when designing your wine cellar:

1. Location Matters

Where do you want your wine bottles? Your kitchen or living room? Maybe a hallway or a nook? The perfect spot for the wine cellar should be humid and cool. So pick a place with about 50 to 70% humidity and 45°-65°F.

Consider the following locations for your wine cellar:

  • Basement
  • Under the stairs
  • An unused closet

The best storage conditions are attained by using a humidifier, air conditioner, and a wine cooling system.

2. Size Is Important

The size of your wine cellar depends on your available room and goals. If you are new to the game, then 25 square feet will be practical for you. Wine lovers who collect thousands of bottles across the globe will prefer a larger space of a 100 square feet.

If you are an avid wine collector, then 500 square feet may work best for you. With this size, you can store up to 5,500 bottles. But keep in mind that a large wine cellar culminates in high maintenance costs.

3. Style Plays a Significant Role

Your wine cellar should exude a contemporary and sophisticated look to attract your guests. On that account, you can go for a theme that complements your space. If space allows your may want to incorporate a table and seating to create a cozy retreat.

    4. Storage Racks Are Essential

    Racks allow you to display your wine collection. For safety purposes, always store your bottles horizontally. You can choose a prebuilt rack that accommodates the number of bottles you have in mind. But you can also try a custom wine rack that fits bottles of different sizes and shapes. Due to high humidity, consider metal wine racks instead of wood to prevent rotting.

    5. Lighting Is Crucial

    Home wine cellars are often dark. Install LED lights to save on energy costs. Recessed lighting is a wonderful solution due to limited space. 

    Soft light is perfect if you intend to host friends or family in this space. Avoid bulbs that emit excessive heat since they can ruin your wine's flavor.

    6. Customize Your Cellar

    Once your cellar is in place, you can bring it to life by stocking it. Fill it up with favorite wines from the local store or collect new bottles on travels throughout the year. If you're lucky enough to have wineries nearby, make it a point to visit for a tastings to add to your collection.


    7. Add a Hidden Wine Rack Door 

    For a creative finish, replace your existing door with our Wine Rack Door. This door showcases a few of your favorite bottles while concealing the space behind. If room permits our Wine Rack French Door would make a beautiful addition.


    Visit us online today to find the perfect hidden door solution for your home.
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