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Love my new door. be sure to follow directions level & plum is very important

Flush Mount Bookcase Door
Kimberly Sullivan

Our murphy bookcase is impeccably made, functions beautifully, and is such a conversation piece!! Murphy Door, Inc, was great to work with. Timely and perfect delivery, product was packaged incredibly well, and our GC had no problems with installation.

Thank you so much for your awesome review. We are so happy that you love your door. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need any help!

Hide a closet

I am totally amazed with the cabinets. They fit perfectly and they add a show piece to any entry. Greatest invention for concealing closets.

Thank you Kurt! We really appreciate your 5 star review and I am so glad you love your Murphy Doors. The Knotty Alder French Doors are my favorite! We would love to see your finished products, Please send photos if you would like to share them on our social media platforms at Also, if you ever need assistance, please contact our customer service team at (888) 458-5911.

Electromagnetic Lock
Michael Domgard II
Double Bookshelf in swing door.

Worked flawlessly! Used a number pad for entry and hidden button for exit. Battery backup has come in handy and door shut right and securely.

Thank you Michael, We really appreciate your 5 star review! I am so glad your install was flawless and that your electromagnetic lock / battery backup has provided extra security. If you ever need assistance in the future, please contact our customer service team at (888) 458-5911 or

Mirror Door
Go on, have a little fun!

Bottom line: You are reading this review because you're not a secret door expert. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here. A few months ago I wasn't a secret door expert. Now I am. Here's what I have to say about Murphy Door.

First and most important: customer service, specifically Kodi in customer service. As a not-expert I came to her with 100 questions. She answered all patiently. She got back to me with answers quickly. She is 100% why they got the sale. I'm just a guy who wanted a few secret doors in his house. Kodi made me confident enough in her product to drop the $$$ with her. Because of this excellent customer service, there were no surprises from tip to toe. I knew what I was getting into.

The product: I bought 3 secret doors. A 2-way mirror/bookcase and two bookcase doors. Shipping was beyond reproach. Packed incredibly well with sensors to ensure they never tipped. Because of time and money I bought them all unfinished. I knew what I was getting into but I had a vision for these doors.

If you've read this far then I'll end with - go out and become a secret door expert! They are super FUN and that's what it's all about. Fun is the only reason we shelled out the money here. Murphy will be straight and patient with you (THANK YOU Kodi!) and when it's time they will deliver a solid product to you. Get yourself a partner with some skills and tools and get to work!

Thank you Cassidy for this awesome review. Kodi does great!

We'd love to see pictures of your door!

Surface Mount Bi-Fold Door
Delma Rosa Rodriguez
Simply stylish and fabulous!

A defiantly unique space saver, and modern hide-a-way book shelf and and door. I wonder why wouldn't anyone one in there home?

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to post a positive review for Murphy Door
It means the world to us!

Great Design- Just a Couple of Minor Issues

The unit is designed well and arrived completely assembled. I only had a couple of minor issues with it:

1. The instructions say "measure 5 1/4 inches out and mount the track to the floor". I did that then after it was glued and screwed to my tiles, I realized they meant WITHOUT counting the baseboard (which I had running to the edge of the door opening). This set the valance 3/4 inch inward and out of alignment with the track. I ended up having to put an extra piece of baseboard behind the valance as a shim. Now I need to fabricate some side molding to hide the gap. The instructions should say (in bold) MEASURE FROM THE WALL.

2. Once I had it all together, the door was hanging up on the top track screws. I called Murphy Door Install Support and spoke with a tech who said that another customer she spoke to had the same issue- I should tighten the top screws to fix the problem. The problem is that those are tiny 1/4 inch screws that can't be tightened enough (if they aren't at the factory) to make them not hit the top roller- they just strip out. I ended up removing the screws and replacing them with 1 1/4 inch machine screws that went all the way through. Then I was able to tighten them down to where they were flush. At the sale price, I shouldn't have to make design changes.

Overall however, the unit is built well and square and looks great.

Also, now that I'm at the end of the review, the option to add photos would also be nice- to show the final product in action.

High Quality Hinge

The hinges seem to be of very high quality, operating very smoothly with a very heavy self-made bookcase door of almost 100 lbs. As the previous review notes, the directions are rather poorly thought out, and at least one set still on their website does not match the hardware you actually get (the pin for the top hinge). I suggest that for self-made doors you create a template for the width and depth of the door, and make sure that clears the final trim as it opens and closes on your chosen pivot point--both top and bottom--and that the pivot points top and bottom are plumb. A bookcase in anything less than a 36" door makes for a very narrow opening.

Great Idea, Worthless in Application

I purchased this for a wine cabinet, out-swing door. The kit comes with zero instruction. After finding the wiring guides, I got the lock working and confirmed, in theory, the contact plate would securely connect to the magnetic base. However, there is absolutely no combination of included mounting brackets that would allow me to attach to both my frame and door in a way they would engage. The gap is too large to get them in the correct orientation. I did find an online video with a demonstration, but the gaps are clearly smaller than mime AND they installed it in a way the mounting bracket bulges from the frame side of the frame, making hanging the door impossible. Dont bother with this kit. You'll ruin a beautiful door like I did.

Perfect hiding place for utilities

Needed to hide well (inside in old house) and water holding tank and softener. This bifold door was perfect. I did it myself and it came out better than I expected. Definitely get it pre-painted. Good instructions provided via app.

Very smooth pivot hinge

I was very amazed at the ease and functioning of the hinge. The only drawback is installation directions are pretty generic, a novice will struggle with the setback dimensions
I wish I could attach a picture.

decent quality, with disappointments

Measured or door according to instructions on this site. The door could have been 2" taller, I paid to have it cut down, per the chart, totally unnecessary. Shi mmt door is substantially shorter than the 2 doors in Tyne same hall. Build quality is ok, fit and finish aside from above is ok. The front trim is out outrageous for 18lf of prefinished 1x4. Every piece of which needs to be trimmed to fit. Is that what the touch up paint is for? with the dimensions supplied to order the door the least they could fo is have the trim pieces cut correctly. Functional, but hardly a showpiece.

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve our customers' experience. We are sad to hear your experience with us had so many disappointments. The trim is sent uncut so that it can be fitted to each project specifically on site, we have found this lends the best result. We apologize however for not giving you a clear expectation for what you were receiving. We appreciate your honesty so we can fix those issues on our end. We hope you are still able to enjoy using your Murphy Door!