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French Door Hardware Kit

French Door Hardware Kit

French Door Hardware Kit - Murphy Door
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Customize any product with our Design Consultants

Need a custom size? Craving a certain wood or finish? Our team of Design Consultants stands ready to assist in turning your dream into a reality.

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Murphy Door's French Door patented pin hinge system is for experienced carpenters who want to DIY their door project! These pins allow each door to hold up to 300 pounds and easily function.

Murphy Door Makes NO CLAIM to the ease of designing and building your bookcase door. Bookcases and Cabinetry is a SKILLED profession. If you choose to design and build your bookcase, Murphy Door will NOT provide you with any dimensions, and we will not aid in any way with the design or customization of a door nor help in the construction process of building your door.


  • Top and bottom hinge set with pins for two doors
  • Pin remover tool
  • Screws
  • Door catch and catch plate for two doors

PATENTED Ball Bearing Lower Pivot Point rated at 1160 torque lbs. dynamic load, and 540 lbs. static.

  • Upper pivot pin is a ball lock pin that can be removed and put into place simply with our pin hinge remover. This is NOT a bolt, that can strip out and cause sag after just a few uses.
  • 3 Year Warranty

Hardware Kits ship within 1-3 business days when ordered MONDAY-FRIDAY

French Door Hardware Kit

Hidden French Door Hardware To Make Your Door Invisible

Like a book without its pages, a door is useless without its hinges. At Murphy Door, we produce some of the finest hidden doors on the market. But we understand that sometimes you want a DIY project that you can feel proud of. That’s why we offer hidden French door hardware like our Murphy Door French Door patented hinge system separate from our famous hidden doors. If you’re ready to construct your durable and long-lasting hidden double doors, include a set of our hidden double-door hardware for the best experience.

The Best Secret Double-Door Hardware Available

There is something magical about a hidden door. Maybe you want to increase your home's “wow” factor or need a safe place to keep valuables. Either way, our patented hinge pin system is the perfect hinge for your hidden door. These hinges can handle 300 pounds of weight and swing smoothly so that you won’t strain. These are the same hinges used in all Murphy Door hidden doors, so you know you’re getting the highest quality on the market.

These hinges feature a patented ball bearing lower pivot point rated at 1160 torque pounds of dynamic load and 540 pounds static. They include a three-year warranty, so if the product fails within that time, contact us about a replacement, and we’ll see that you’re taken care of.

Best Uses for a Hidden Double-Door

You’re only limited by your imagination. A hidden double door could have a lot of different uses, but the common uses are:

  • Bookcase double doors

  • Mirror double doors

  • Pantry double doors

  • Shoe rack double doors


When you set out to build your own set of hidden doors, Murphy Doors is not obligated to assist in measuring, cutting, constructing, or finishing your double doors. If you want the total Murphy Door quality from top to bottom, consider our fully assembled Murphy Door products.