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Garage Organization Ideas

Because they're not front and center as your family goes about their day, garages tend to be pushed to the home decor back burner in terms of style and functionality. Let's face it; it's often easier to throw items in your garage without giving much thought to organizing or using the space to the best of its abilities. As a result, too many garages look junky, are difficult to navigate, and don't provide enough room to accomplish their primary purpose: storing your car. If you're interested in finally organizing your garage in a practical and inviting manner, Murphy Door can help. Check out these tips to get started.

1. Start by Decluttering

If you're like most people, chances are your garage is filled with items your family no longer uses or needs. Before you start rearranging the things you plan to store in your garage, it's helpful to sort the items that you plan to keep from your excess junk. Letting go of old toys, tools, and household goods may be a challenge at first. But you'll be thankful you got rid of the items that are no longer useful when you're left with more space and belongings that will serve your family well.

2. Use the Walls Like a Pro

Inside your home, it's likely that your walls are used for more aesthetic purposes than functional ones. This should be the opposite in your garage. An empty wall or two is the ideal spot to store everything from holiday decorations and kids' toys to lawn equipment and power tools. Don't be afraid to go all the way up to the ceiling with shelves, cabinets, pegs, and hooks. Use every square inch of wall space as you’re organizing your garage. Big bulky ladder tripping you up? Replace it with a Murphy Ladder. These full size ladders fold down to less than a quarter of there size and the convenient wall hook lets you free up floor space. This creates more room to walk and, of course, park your car if you need to.

3. Make Use of the Ceiling

Along with the walls, the ceiling of your garage has more organizational potential than you may realize. Ceiling space is great to hang bicycles and seasonal items that you'd prefer to keep out of the way until they're needed again. Ceiling-mounted racks can hold boxes away from the ground to maximize floor space. Also, hanging hooks can elevate lawn equipment and bikes that should be easily accessible.

4. Be Strategic

The secret to designing a functional garage that is organized and space-efficient is all about being strategic. Even with plenty of shelves, cabinets, and hooks, it's important to think carefully about where and how you plan to store your belongings. 

For instance, items that your family uses often, such as gardening tools, should probably be kept in a place that is easy to get to. On the other hand, holiday decorations or old keepsakes can be put in a location that is out of the way. No matter where you position the things in your garage, doing so in clear containers and clearly labeling each one can help you recognize and locate everything you have quickly and easily. 

5. Create a Secret Hideaway

There's no better way to maximize the space in your garage while creating the ultimate secret space than with a hideaway door solution from Murphy Door. With one of our customizable hidden doors, such as our Flush Mount Bookcase French Doors, you can enhance the style and practicality of your garage while hiding a closet, storage area, or room all for yourself. To find the ideal hidden door solution for organizing your garage or anywhere else in your home, we have just what you need. Visit us online to customize your perfect hidden door and see how simple keeping your garage organized can be.

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