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Electromagnetic Lock

Electromagnetic Lock

Electromagnetic Lock - Murphy Door
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The Murphy Door electromagnetic lock is a great solution for rooms that need to be accessed from both sides. Biometric access, keypad, RFID, key fob, and battery backup options available.  


  • Lock and hardware
  • 12 Volt system

* The electomagnetic lock can be used on 8-1/4", 10", or 12" in-swing doors; and 5-1/4" or 8-1/4" out-swing doors.
** Can not be used on 5-1/4" outswing or 8-1/4" in our out-swing mirror, mirror gun cabinet, or pantry doors.
*** Can not be used on 8-1/4" in-swing doors with a 6-9/16" jamb.

Wiring Diagrams

Murphy Door recommends a licensed and trained electrician whenever wiring is involved. 

300 LB Locks

This Lock is the most advanced lock we offer. It is able to offer several types of activation and deactivation from Biometrics (finger print) keyless unlock, keypad.

This option comes with two buttons and power converter.

*This lock can not be installed on a 12" depth out-swing door.

Locking systems ship in 1-3 business days.