How to Remodel Your Closet - Without Remodeling Your Closet

February 01, 2019

How to Remodel Your Closet - Without Remodeling Your Closet

Whether it’s a few built in shelves with a small hanging rod, or an elaborate second room dedicated to the careful storing of slacks, shoes, and slips- here are 5 ways to remodel your closet without remodeling your closet!

Lighted closet rods 

Almost all closets have one thing in common, the closet rod. Be it wood, metal, or a plastic pipe, those hangers have got to hang from something.Lighted closet rods, like those from task lighting, give you more than just a pole for hangers. These rods illuminate your clothes like never before! Perfect for small spaces and closets that don’t have overhead lighting, allowing you to see clearly what’s in your closet. Or set a beautiful ambiance in a larger space!

Hide it under the bed

Who hasn’t been caught shoving clothes and shoes underneath their bed? How about a bed that’s designed for that? Extend your closet with drawers and space in and around your bed. Whether it’s drawers in the bottom, or a floating headboard with shelves and hanger hooks on the back, your closet doesn’t have to stay in the

Aromatic Cedar Planks

Tired of boring white closet walls? Want something that looks great and smells great? These aromatic cedar planks from cedar safe are an easy addition to any closet! Their simple tongue and groove design allows for easy installation, and their aromatic nature keeps your closet and clothes safe from bugs as well as smelling sweet.

Pull down closet rods

What use is all that up top storage if you can’t reach it? Hang out of season items high and out of mind, ready to be summoned at the push of a button. The automated closet rod from Storage Motion allows you to hang clothes out of reach, and access them easily whenever you need. Potentially double the hanging space in your closet by stacking a hanging rod on a hanging rod!

Murphy Door

What’s another commonality among almost all closets? The door!

No matter your closet depth, you are potentially losing between 20-40 cubic feet of storage space right in your doorway. The solution? Closet doors from Murphy Door. Design your perfect closet solution door with a built-in laundry hamper, shoe rack shelving, closet rods, regular shelving, or cabinet doors. Add a full-length mirror on the front and turn that dead wall space into useable storage.

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