February 01, 2019


When it comes to choosing building materials for word working and cabinetry it can sometimes feel like the debate between MDF, plywood, and hardwood is part of a Trump campaign agenda.

Let’s not lose our heads here. Below is a simple breakdown of some pros and cons of using high grade MDF, and why we here at Murphy Door use what we use.


MDF VS Hardwood

Hardwood definitely has benefits of use, it’s visually beautiful, strong, and when used in the right application can last decades while aging wonderfully.However, wood has its weak points as well. Solid wood shrinks and warps when exposed to changes in heat and humidity. Cabinets and doors made from solid wood can crack, bend, or shrink over time if the conditions aren’t right.

What is MDF? MDF stands for Medium-Density Fiberboard. MDF is engineered from wood fiber, resin, and wax. It is denser than plywood, and therefore stronger and more durable. It also does not warp or change size with temperature and humidity fluctuation like solid hardwood. Meaning you get more life out of the life of your door.


  • Does not warp or shrink like hardwood.
  • Does not crack or buckle like hardwood.
  • Does give you more stability.
  • Does give you wider range of usage.

Why we use double refined MDF

At Murphy Door we use a combination of double refined MDF core and hardwood to give you the best of both worlds. We use hardwood components attached to a solid MDF core that is coated with a hardwood veneer (AKA veneer made of actual hardwood material), giving you the look and feel of real hardwood with the strength and stability of high grade MDF. Our use of double refined MDF allows us to give you a quality product at a reasonable cost, as it costs less and provides better manufacturing and customization for each door we create. Whether that door is painted or finished with a hardwood surface veneer. MDF also allows you to safely put a Murphy Door in any room in your home without concern. From bedroom closets to kitchens and bathrooms, your Murphy Door will be able to stand varying heat and humidity environments.

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