Be More

Push your limits, think outside the box, your capacity to Be More is greater than you think. And yes, that even applies to a door.

Bob Quick's Journey

Meet Bob Quick, Forest Gump on a bicycle. He's ridden across America twice to say thank you to the firefighters and first responders who saved his life and brought him back from the dead, twice.

He's had 26 heart operations, 19 stents, and a pacemaker implanted, but as long as his heart keeps going, so does he. As Bob says, "Never quit, never ever."

You can follow Bob Quick's Journey here.

Spencer and Jordan's "Be More" Journey

There's something to be said for bettering your life vehicle and if you want a mental and emotional boost, engaging in physical activity is a great way to get started.

Studies show that exercise has physical benefits far beyond burning calories, such as slowing down the aging process, boosting the immunity system, and even reducing risk of cancer.

Positive endorphins released during exercise help manage and reduce stress and anxiety, aid in better sleep, and can contribute to building self-esteem and develop self efficacy. Discover more benefits of physical activity here.